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Adventure Fayette County invites you to be involved!


Why? The best way to see YOUR community improve is to be active in your community. And it is YOUR community.


Want to see Fayette County be better for the future generations? It's up to YOU! Want to see the drug epidemic improve in Fayette County? It’s up to YOU!

Ways to get involved

Hands On

Every summer, Adventure: Fayette County hosts our Adventure Days series around our community. There are so many ways to help, including registration, leading or co-leading an activity, setting up, and more.

Learn about Adventure Days.

We have over 40 dates to choose from this summer. Check out our event page.

To register to volunteer, follow the sign up link here.

Behind the scene

Being a great volunteer doesn't always mean working the front lines. We're always grateful for help planning, hanging flyers, making phone calls and more. There's plenty to do behind the scenes that make our programs possible.

Curious about these alternative volunteer opportunities? Email us at

We'd love to invite you to the team!



We are grateful for every donation. Just $5 dollars can help print one Passport to Adventure, or buy a healthy snack or art supplies for a child.


We also invite organizations and businesses to become recognized sponsors of Adventure: Fayette County.



To learn about sponsoring, or to make a donation, email us at


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