Passport to Adventure

Fayette County is a gold mine of natural and community experiences right outside our backdoors. We designed the Passport to Adventure for kids and families to explore these great treasures while challenging families to also be more active and engaged at home.

From snow angels to hikes around local parks, the Passport has a little of everything. Keep reading to learn how to participate and win prizes! 

Congratulations to our winners! Check out the video below to see the drawing. 

Your Passport to Adventure is filled with challenges you can complete at home and in the community. Each challenge is worth points. Your goal is to complete as many challenges as you can.

When you earn 30 points or more, you become eligible for prizes! At the end of summer, we'll select several winners to receive one of our Grand Prizes. Check out all the prizes HERE.

How does it work?


Do Fun Stuff

Complete challenges listed in the passport. Some you can do in your own home, and others will take you on an adventure.


There are artistic challenges, sports challenges, exploration challenges and more!


Earn Points

Each challenge is worth points. You can show you completed a challenge by getting an adult signature, posting a pic on social media using #AFCPassportChallenge, or by answering challenge questions. When you've earned 30 points or more, you're ready to get your passport stamped at one of our prize centers!


Win Cool Prizes

When you earn 30 points, visit a Prize Center to get a reward. Earn more than 30 points, and you will be entered to win a Grand Prize. Just turn in your passport when you've earned all the points you can.

Learn more and find Prize Centers.

Click Here

Every 2nd grader in Fayette County will receive their very own Passport at their school the first week of February, 2022.


We invite everyone to participate though! If you attend private or homeschool, or are in a different grade, you can still access the Passport. Simply download our PDF version print. If you don't have access to a printer at home, visit your local library.

Use a printer with two-sided printing to fold into a booklet.

View on a computer or cellphone or print one a one-sided printer.

Useful Links

Some of the pages have so much cool stuff that they need a whole extra page on our website for you to learn more. Check out some useful links below that correspond with pages in your Passport to Adventure.

How to Build a Snow Lantern

Trail Directions

Park Guide

Kid Prizes

Family Prize

What is the Passport?

Where do I get my Passport?